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What is KunTao Silat?

A short introduction to the American Martial LifeStyle known as KunTao Silat. The beauty of KunTao Silat is that the forms and training methods translate directly into actual combat techniques. Practitioners do not train one way and fight another. Many of KunTao Silat's movements are unique and much of what makes it so effective is rooted in a very unique synergism of legwork and handwork, whether armed or unarmed. KunTao Silat Practitioners build the legwork and handwork into their daily life so they can train constantly. Constant KunTao Silat Training also provides health benefits and helps to correct many chronic postural problems. http://kuntaosilat.org/forum

The KunTao Silat Greeting from YouTube


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KunTao Silat is not for Everybody


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Work Station Workout with Elijah Gartin.

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