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New Guru Course Inner Circle Subscription provides everything you will need to fast-track your KunTao Silat Training program. All the course DVDs are available by download and all on-line access is included.

The Basic Subscription only for the Guru Certification Course and Distance Learning Program is now available.

Here's the details: 

Basic Subscription provides:

1. Official KunTao Silat Email: <First Name>@kuntaosilat.com {if available}

2. Ba Pak Steve's Guru Course UpDate download

3. KunTao Silat Video Testing site with access to special training videos.

4. Half price video testing for you and your practice group.
Steve's Private Instructional videos can also be viewed on:  www.vimeo.com/kuntaosilat.

So far, there are 25 videos on the KTS Video Testing site:
1. Ba Pak Steve's instructional videos
    Inner Circle Greeting
    1 Stance Technique
    2 Stance Technique
    Simple Silat Technique   
    PalmWaving Technique
    CarryKnife Training
    Combat Principles
    Close Quarters KnifeTraining
    ChiGung excercises
2. Constant Training videos
    Workstation workout
    Travel Training
3. Guru Certification Course Forms
    Djurus Satu
    Lankas Dua
    Lankas Monjet
    Pai Yun
    Ling Sing Toy
    Internal PoQua Zen
    Internal Stances
    Internal Basics
4. Guru Certification Course UpDate downloads

5.  Guru Course DVD update downloads

6.  Inner Circle Guru Website access.

Guru Certification Course and Distance Learning Practitioners can contact Art Kidwell for sign up instructions.