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Information Links

KunTao Silat is uniquely American and constructed with elements and essences from Chinese and Indonesian martial arts. Below are a few links to KunTao Silat resources.

On-line Resources:
Main website: http://kuntaosilat.com
Guru Certification Course subscription members only:
        http://kuntaosilat.guru http://vimeo.com/kuntaosilat  
DLP site: http://kuntaosilat.org {password protected ~ drop me a note for user/pass}
Discussion Forum: http://kuntaosilat.org/forum {sign up disabled - please drop me a note and I'll sign you up}
DLP Video Community: http://kuntaosilat.ning.com/
Blog: http://kuntaosilat.org/blog
GCC DVDs: http://kuntaosilat.org/GCC/Sets.htm   
DVDs: http://kuntaosilat.net
Steve's YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/stevegartin