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Inner Circle KunTao Silat Greeting

The KunTao Silat Inner Circle Greeting is the trademark of this particular system. By this greeting practitioners all over the world know what style is being demonstrated and from which lineage it derives. There are secrets contained in this greeting that are not spoken of outside of the Inner Circle.

This domain is dedicated to those intending to learn KunTao Silat by leading practice. This KunTao Silat Practice Leader site is intended for that very purpose.

Practice Leaders are an integral aspect of the Guru Certification Video course.

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As we now have expanded our video production and video testing program we now also have a dedicated site for Practice Leaders. we can iron out all the rough spots in our video testing procedures. We also have our FTP upload for your testing videos on this domain for a little more robust interaction by integrating the WordPress Forum technology so that we can discuss the embedded videos and fast-track the question/answer process.

Video Resources

Working from the Chinese and Indonesian principle of the student training alongside the master, we can apply video technology with the slow motion, freeze frame, zoom, reverse and the voice over to explain the key points of each element of KunTao Silat. This synergism of Old World and America provides a healthy and empowering martial lifestyle that is particularly will suited for the modern American who wants more than mere exercise and is willing to invest the time, effort and discipline to excel in KunTao Silat.

KunTao Silat Warm Up begins class

KunTao Silat Warm Up

KunTao Silat's First Form - Djurus Satu:

The KunTao Silat's First Form provides the keys to unlocking the intrinsic combat tools found in all the forms.

Level2-Djurus Satu/Malabar KunTao Silat

Articles & Documents

What is KunTao Silat?

A short introduction to the American Martial LIfeStyle known as KunTao Silat. The beauty of KunTao Silat is that the forms and training methods translate directly into actual combat techniques. Practitioners do not train one way and fight another. Many of KunTao Silat's movements are unique and much of what makes it so effective is rooted in a very unique synergism of legwork and handwork, whether armed or unarmed. KunTao Silat Practitioners build the legwork and handwork into their daily life so they can train constantly. Constant KunTao Silat Training also provides health benefits and helps to correct many chronic postural problems. http://kuntaosilat.com


KunTao Silat is not for everyone - but perfect for some. Steve explains the Guru Certification Course video study program.
The Full Ten DVD Guru Certification Course is on sale at:https://www.kuntaosilat.com/guru-certification-course-option-one/ 

Here's a few YouTube KunTao Silat videos. These videos are also available on this site with greater detail and connected to the KunTao Silat Guru Blog for a discussion of the details and the KunTao Silat Vimeo Testing Group as well.